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July 21st:  We are excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the ‪#‎CMD‬ Music Production Studio and Radio. Help us at SmilingOne - The Responsible Individual give youth-at-risk an opportunity to tap into more of their potential at the Smiling One Project House. The #CMD Project is run by ‪#‎ChangeAgent‬ Franklin Esau
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July 15th: at BUSH RADIO Franklin & Nathalie ON AIR.... the songs VOICES and EMOTIONAL are aired for the FIRST TIME! 

July 14th: News from CMD - CMD is buzzing again with more recordings from Latoya Jantjies. So proud of you Toya to take a step further in your development to be an artist.
Thank you Sherwayne Bester for your time and energy! #CMD #development #music #for #the #youth #SmilingOne

June 1st: Our musical Project is growing well and the guys seems to have affected their peers with a musical bug, with more youths requesting to be part of the process. I am blessed to see that we are touching so much youth with our passion for music. I hope they are ready to climb the mountain.

May 18th: My album is almost complete and the boys from Elsies River is preparing their album as a group project. Today they said to me that they would like to do something old school. So i ask why...(the reply) they would like to tap in the feeling of the era where music was simple and had a certain feeling. ' Remembering the genre of hip hop and where it came from’. I felt honoured to have the youth show respect for those who did it before them.
#CMD #music #lets #go #back #SmilingOne

May 11th: Got the room/space for the just for equipment. Then CMD Central Music District Project is good to release sound from our own back yard. With youth all over Western Cape welcome to join us...and who knows even the whole of South Africa...the whole world joining us in sound and music.
#CMD #project #SmilingOne #studio #youth #skills

May 4th: What a fun day with the CMD team today. First i got to see the youngsters who are shaping their musical talent and are preparing a single. Then it was Stanford with his up and coming single. And lastly i got to see Latoya for TRI. Its always amazing seeing the youth with such enthusiasm attending our CMD music project. Big things await you u!
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Lucian, Retro, Paul, Byron, Tenat, Stanford & Latoya

April 20thIt is amazing sharing, guiding the youth along in their journeys. Today one of our youth in CMD project Latoya Jantjies showed me how to make music on her tablet as we discover a new kind of sound. I am grateful for exploring with the youth, music and life with her. She s truly a special kid.
#TRI #CMD #exploring #music #SmilingOne 

March 9th:Today we had our guest Nikolaij joined us in session and it was a great pleasure to have him. Standford shares, " I should start listening to myself in SILENCE. Try to figure out the messages (what my challenges is trying to show me). I am going through challenges and I should listen to them. Are we taking time to listen to our challenges, believing that they are there to teach us?
#TRI #listen #challenges #SmilingOne

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